Easy to set up
Go rebootless without rebooting even once to setup. Ksplice Uptrack works on the regular Linux kernel you are already running.
Works in your environment
Ksplice Uptrack works perfectly in virtualized environments or on bare metal. It also works with your userspace applications and third-party kernel modules. Ksplice Uptrack leaves your third-party modules alone as it updates the rest of your kernel.
Rollback capability
Instantly reverse any update to the Linux kernel–rebootlessly as always. Kernel change management has never been easier!
No performance impact
Update running systems without any negative impact on performance. Also, Ksplice Uptrack does not require a persistently running process.
Proxy support
Ksplice Uptrack supports using a standard HTTP proxy to pass through your firewall.
Web management tool
Conveniently check whether all of your systems are up to date, in one place, in your web browser.
Secure infrastructure
Ksplice Uptrack uses security best practices for preparing our software packages and rebootless updates. All our software packages and rebootless updates are cryptographically signed.
API and monitoring
Programmatically monitor and control your machines through the Uptrack API. Our client library comes with Python bindings and example scripts, including a Nagios plugin.
Access policies
Set access policies for individual or groups of machines.
Get it now
Free for Fedora and Ubuntu Desktop.