Notification and Monitoring Options

The following notification and monitoring options are available for helping make sure your machines are up to date:

  • New updates e-mails: Ksplice can notify you by e-mail when new updates are available for your distributions. Trial users and customers are automatically set up to receive notifaction.
    Free Ubuntu and Fedora Desktop users receive similar notifications through the Uptrack GUI. If you are a free version user and would additionally like to receive new updates e-mails, you can subscribe manually.
  • Nagios support: Ksplice provides Nagios plugins that can be used off the shelf for monitoring out of date, inactive, and unsupported Uptrack machines. They are described in detail on our Nagios plugins page.
  • The Uptrack API: check that your machines are up to date programmatically through our API.
  • Web interface: check that your machines are up to date from your web interface. You will also receive notification on the web interface when Ksplice is preparing new updates for your distributions.

Deprecated Cron Monitoring Options

The following cron options in the /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf configuration file were removed in Uptrack client release 1.1.0:

  • cron_output_install
  • cron_output_available
  • cron_output_error

Please use the other available Uptrack features for monitoring your machines.

If you have questions about migrating away from these cron options, please contact ksplice-support_ww@oracle.com and we'll be happy to assist you.