With rebootless updates, you can:

  • Save time and pain by updating in seconds, while your systems are running.
  • Avoid downtime.
  • Prevent disastrous security incidents by making it easy to stay up to date.

Linux distributions require a reboot about once a month to stay up to date with important kernel security updates. Ksplice Uptrack allows you to apply the same updates published by your Linux vendor, without rebooting.

Reboots required for kernel updates by major Linux distributions

Reboots required for kernel updates by major Linux distributions

Without Ksplice Uptrack, if you’re not rebooting for security updates about once a month, your systems are vulnerable to well-known security problems.

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Free for Fedora and Ubuntu Desktop.
Top server managers use Ksplice Uptrack:
Ksplice enables our technical staff to reduce the amount of time we spend on routine maintenance. We’re reducing both costs and headaches at the same time.
Nick Zyren,
CTO of FutureHosting
Inspires utter awe and delight in our system administrators and strengthens our business by letting us maintain servers more effectively
Zak Boca,
CEO of SingleHop
Ksplice is superb. It reduces one of the biggest costs associated with any server—system administrator maintenance time—and helps us improve the quality of service we can provide to our customers.
Dave Collins,
CTO of HostGator