Free 30-day trial of Ksplice for Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers

Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Get a taste of one of the many features Oracle Linux Premier Support has to offer with our free 30-day Ksplice trial for RHEL systems. Give it a try and bring your Linux kernel up to date without rebooting (not even once to install it!)



What is Ksplice Uptrack?

Ksplice Uptrack lets you apply 100% of the important kernel security updates released by your Linux vendor without rebooting.

Ksplice Uptrack is available for Oracle Linux, free of charge, for Oracle Linux customers with a Premier support subscription. Additionally, anyone can use Ksplice Uptrack for free on Ubuntu Desktop and Fedora.



Servers protected with Ksplice Uptrack:
100,000+ at more than 700 companies

Updates applied on production systems:
More than 2 million and counting



Why go rebootless? Get it now
Free for Fedora and Ubuntu Desktop.

How it works

Your Linux vendor releases an update.
Ksplice converts the update into a rebootless update.
You download and install the update seamlessly, without rebooting.


Oracle buys Ksplice

On July 21, 2011, Oracle announced that it has acquired Ksplice. The addition of Ksplice’s technology will increase the security, reliability and availability of Oracle Linux by enabling customers to apply security updates, diagnostics patches and critical bug fixes without rebooting. Read more.