Ksplice Inspector

Ksplice protects your systems by applying patches without the need to reboot. To see which patches would be applied to your system, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a terminal on the machine you want to check.
  2. Run the following command in your terminal.

    echo "`uname -s`//`uname -m`//`uname -r`//`uname -v`"
  3. Copy the output of that command into this text box and click Find Updates.

Ubuntu and Fedora Desktop users can use Ksplice for free. Red Hat Enterprise Linux users can try Ksplice for free for 30 days. And Oracle Linux users can request an access key through ULN.

You can find more information and download Uptrack clients here.

Ready and waiting to find the updates for your kernel.

You can also get the same information by running the following from a terminal:

(uname -s; uname -m; uname -r; uname -v) | \
curl https://uptrack.api.ksplice.com/api/1/update-list/ \
-L -H "Accept: text/text" --data-binary @-

If you have questions about our supported kernels, please contact us at ksplice-support_ww@oracle.com.