Installation instructions

Ksplice is free with Oracle Linux Premier Support. To install Ksplice, you'll first need an access key. Log in to the Unbreakable Linux Network and follow the instructions to register your system for Ksplice.

You can also try Ksplice by starting a 30-day free trial for RHEL.

Your system must have access to the internet to install Ksplice. If you are using a proxy, set the proxy in your shell:

export http_proxy=http://proxy.company.com:port
export https_proxy=http://proxy.company.com:port

Once you have an access key run the following commands as root, replacing YOUR_ACCESS_KEY with the access key you received upon sign-up:

wget -N https://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/install-uptrack
sh install-uptrack YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
uptrack-upgrade -y

If you'd like Ksplice Uptrack to automatically install updates as they become available, run:

sh install-uptrack YOUR_ACCESS_KEY --autoinstall

in place of the above install-uptrack command, or set "autoinstall = yes" in your /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf after installation.

If installing on a Debian or Ubuntu machine, you may first need to install the ca-certificates package with apt-get install ca-certificates. Without this package you will see a "certificate verification error".

GUI Installation

A GUI installer is available for several Ubuntu and Fedora Desktop versions:

Ubuntu Desktop      
Fedora Desktop    
20, 19

Manual Installation

If you'd prefer to run the installation commands by hand, visit our manual installation page for distribution-specific instructions.

Now what?

Learn more about Using Ksplice Uptrack.